Our group of home gardeners have been doing very well in Khayelitsha. They are very committed to their weekly WhatsApp lessons and have been very engaged in the sessions, asking questions and sending through photos of their little gardens. Our Green Team facilitator has been running the sessions so that they could be conducted in the children’s first language, isiXhosa.

The lessons have been focusing on topics such as:
• How to grow, harvest and cook with spinach, as well as the nutritional benefits
• How to harvest worm castings and make liquid fertilizer
• How to separate out earthworms and expand their worm farms
• How to grow their own seedlings

Lavender Hill:
Unfortunately, many of the Lavender Hill group were not able to attend their weekly WhatsApp lessons. This was mainly due to them not having access to a cell phone during the afternoons. Sadly, this meant that they were not able to continue being part of this club and so in the second term we recruited new club members and ran another introductory workshop for these children. The new club members are doing very well and are very engaged in their weekly sessions. They had to catch up with some of the initial lessons but our team have slightly adapted the curriculum and in the third term, they will now be in line with the Khayelitsha group.